Gastroenterology Patient Medical History

Preparing For Your Office Visit

    • Office Visit Patient Paperwork
    • Be able to describe your problem (including location of pain, duration of symptoms, previous treatment and response, etc.).
    • Please bring or have your physician fax any previous records related to gastroenterology (such as EGD or Colonoscopy reports and associated pathology reports=biopsy results, CT scans and lab reports). Our fax number is 859-278-8488.
    • Complete and bring with you the registration sheet and questionnaire that was mailed, and your insurance card(s).
    • There is no need to skip meals – eat and drink as you normally would.
    • Take all of your usual medications.
    • Know any medications to which you are allergic.
    • Bring your pharmacy’s phone number.
    • If you need to cancel an appointment, please call at least 24 hours in advance. Our phone number is 859-278-8486.