Recent reports regarding PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) use has caused somewhat of a panic in my clinic. Patients are asking daily whether continuing their acid suppressive medication is safe. They have heard reports stating these medications can lead to weak bones, heart disease, dementia, etc…. More alarming to me is that many patients have switched…

Robotic Surgery Using da Vinci

We have been fielding more and more questions about “Robotic Colon Surgery”. In response to that, CSGA has put together the following to help patients and physicians understand what robotic surgery is, when it should be considered, and its advantages. Before I start, I want to let our readers know that CSGA has decades of…

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

ERAS stands for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery and has become a popular topic around the hospital recently. How is this affecting us at CSGA? Exciting things are happening along these lines and we want to let you know what we have been doing to help enhance our patients’ post-operative experience and hospital stays. No one…

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