Nathan H. Massey, M.D.

Nathan H. Massey



American Board of Internal Medicine
American Board of Gastroenterology

Medical Degree

University of Kentucky College of Medicine
“graduated with high distinction”


Wake Forest University (North Carolina)


Wake Forest University (North Carolina)


University of Kentucky


When you come to see me as your physician, you are trusting me with your most important asset – your health I strive to listen patiently to your concerns and seek to provide a prompt and thorough evaluation and treatment in the most cost-conscious and evidence-based manner, while remaining compassionate for your needs.

I also strive to provide the highest quality endoscopy examinations, consistently exceeding the highest quality indicators for colonoscopy:

  • Reaching the cecum > 99.9% of the time (complete colonoscopy exam)
  • “Withdrawal time” averaging > 8 minutes (thorough colonoscopy exam)
  • Polyp detection rate of 50% (allowing for better prevention of colon cancer)
  • Following national guidelines for colonoscopy screening and colon polyp surveillance exams (preventing excessive exams)

These are factors that you likely have never considered before when choosing who performs your colonoscopy or endoscopy exam, but there is more to a good colonoscopy than just being well sedated or comfortable.Insurance companies are beginning to assess the quality of care that physicians provide and you should too – after all, it’s your life.